[event] 2019.6.5 Meet the Brewer from Cascade Brewing

オレゴン州ポートランドの”House of Sour”
Watering Hole秘蔵の樽とボトルでお迎えします。

Bottles by the glass

[Old Label (旧ラベル)]
Sang Royal 2013
Sang Noir 2014
Noyaux 2014
Pumpkin Smash 2014
Kriek 2015
Apricot 2015
The Vine 2015
Blackcap Rapsberry 2015
Blueberry 2015
Elderberry 2015

[New Label (新ラベル)]
Manhattan NW 2015
Sang Du Chene 2015
Rose City Sour 2016
Vitis Noble 2016
Pearpawsterous 2017

We’ll welcome a brewer Kevin Martin from Cascade Brewing
“House of Sour” in Portland OR on Jun 5th Wed.
We are a big fan of their beers for a long time
so we sell vintage bottles by the glass on this day.
List of bottles and kegs may change, stay tune!